Are you reaching as many customers as you should?

 What is the nature of your spa dealership? Like other dealers, you have a sharp looking showroom, friendly staff, and high caliber advertising. After some time, you have developed a clientele, and a reputation with the customers that advertising and word of mouth have reached. But, is your business reaching as many buyers as it should? To expand your business, perhaps you have used tent or roadside sales at more distant locations. Perhaps you have a booth at the county or state fairs. Then you discover the challenges and hassle involved. How much product can you reasonably transport to the remote location? How many trips will it take to support your sale with an acceptable product selection? You wish you could bring half your showroom with you. How many sales do you lose because you don’t have the right spa at your sale? The customer says “Well, we’ll visit your showroom.” … and then they usually don’t. We all know that the sale is probably lost. You think to yourself, “If we only had the spa there to show the customer…” For the longest time, remote sales have been a true ordeal. That day is over. 

“Take Your Showroom With You”

Spa Toter Industries introduces a new concept to the spa industry. Take your showroom with you! Now, the traditional obstacles involved in holding remote sales don’t have to limit you. Forget about the repeated trips to and from your showroom. Now you can focus on what really matters, sales. The SpaToter is the solution to your needs: A mobile showroom capable of transporting and showcasing up to ten spas! 

Spa Toter Benefits


  • Increase Your Sales
  • Extend Market Boundaries
  • Makes Your Showroom Portable
  • Generous Room – up to 10 Spas
  • Attractive Styling
  • Highly Noticeable
  • Minimum Hassle
  • Prominent Advertising
  • Lets You Focus on Sales, not Logistics

The Spa Toter makes a solid first impression with customers. You will extend your market boundary, and gain plenty of new business. The SpaToter means more sales, and gives you a professional edge over your competition.